Professional Design

I work with teams, developers, and contractors to ensure quality construction on challenging projects. I produce complete construction sets for construction purposes, and I can work independently & effectively in all stages of construction. In addition, I create moving and still digital representations, and data management-infographics for real state development. The integrity that human persons are given by the value of their labor is transcendental to me, and I reciprocate that value as a sign of respect to all the work I am given.

  • Healthy Heights

    Healthy Heights

    These work was developed for the renovation of commercial space to better serve a new medical office. All building systems were catalogued to document how the new systems may need to be laid out. Final design was taken from the client’s objectives.

  • Transforming the Bridge Design Competition

    Transforming the Bridge Design Competition

    Many thanks to Daedalus Workshop and James Gdovin who did this work, and towards which I was honored to collaborated with my input below.

  • Modern Addition

    Modern Addition

    Work created by 2RA for Fairfield Contractors LLC. Collaboration done with ModSquad for Site Development. I created all of the below output.

  • Apartment Development

    Apartment Development

    Many thanks to Scott Davis, structural engineer, who did this design work, and with whom I was honored to collaborate by doing all the drafting work towards the output below.